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    About Us

Who We Are

Vista Advertising is a full-service media agency specializing in Direct Response (DRTV).  We have the experience and knowledge to make television work.  Our vision and passion give us the ability to create a wholistic media campaign in the ever-evolving marketplace.  Our team is deeply committed to providing the highest possible level of client service.  We’ll always put you first – our success is based on your success.  We take the time and effort to strategically tailor each campaign to maximize results specific to your needs

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Our History

Vista Advertising traces its roots all the way back to the beginning of DRTV.  The original founder, Mel Korey partnered with Ron Popeil in 1964 to form RONCO Teleproducts. Iconic products such as The Veg-O-Matic and The Pocket Fisherman became household names through their creative vision.  Mel moved on to form VISTA/ACI with his brother Steve Korey in 1984.  Vista Advertising was formed in 2019   representing the same values, passion and dedication.